Volunteers wanted for The Alexandra Event

Over previous years, a dedicated and generous group of minions, henchmen and henchwomen have volunteered at The Melbourne Event and The Surf Coast Event. These marvelous people are vital to ensure the smooth running of events of this size.

Its 2017 and it’s now The Alexandra Event’s turn to ask for those who are willing to donate some of their valuable time to help during the event.

We understand that people like to make plans and we do too.

At this stage we are asking for expressions of interest.

Please fill in the form below by clicking on the link, or cutting and pasting it into your browser.


Closing date for form submission is Friday 20th of October.

Thank you for your interest


Kids at The Melbourne Event


Hello junior cachers!

Aunty sharkiefan has some special stuff prepared for you. This is a chance for you to win some cool prizes. You can find me in the main room of the Melbourne Event.

Competition 1: Colouring in: FREE!!

I’ve found some really cool pictures for you to colour in! All you need to do is turn up and everything will be ready and waiting. I love colouring in and will probably do some too! For those kids that might not get to the Mega for long enough to colour a page at the Mega, here are some links to the pages. Just print and colour them in at home and drop it off to Aunty sharkiefan at the event. (PARENTS: Please write your child’s name on the picture (if they cant do it themselves) AND include on the back a contact name and number – for contacting prize winners)

  1. Fern Colouring
  2. Pirate Signal with tracker the geocaching dog
  3. Signal with tracker the geocaching dog
  4. Signal with the geocaching hamsters

Prize: An official Geocaching.com Signal the Frog soft toy.

Competition 2: Fancy Dress. FREE!!

I love dressing up in costumes. So I want to see what costumes you have at home that you can wear along to The Melbourne Event. You can be scary or funny or come as your favourite character from a movie, TV show or book. Anything at all! This one will require letting us take your photo at the time and having a panel of judges (the Mega committee) decide who is our winner!

Prize: A Sven the moose soft toy from Frozen the movie

Competition 3: Name the character. FREE!!

Who’s that character? This is just going to be a page of images where we want you to tell us who is in the picture. Easy? Maybe for some not for others. Don’t worry if you cant write! Mum or Dad will help you fill it in! Spelling mistakes are accepted as long as we can understand who you mean.

Prize:  A big blue Inner Health Plus Bug with a trackable tag.

Competition 4: Lolly Jar Raffle. $1 a ticket

Here is a competition you will find pretty sweet. For only $1 per ticket you can win a WHOLE pile of yummy stuff.

Prize: The jar of lollies!!!!

Swaps for kids! FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!

For kids coming to the event there will be a tub of swaps they can choose ONE item from. Available while stocks last. One swap per kid over the weekend. All sorts of stuff. No cost at all.

NB: Due to the nature of the event, with people coming and going at all times of the day throughout the weekend, all prizes will be awarded AFTER the event and delivery will be organised.


Four letter words that aren’t so bad

Not all 4 letter words are bad.
Some are good and create feelings of happiness and excitement

1. Free

This is a great word. Basically it means that you are going to get something for nothing. That was the idea for our event and we are proud to be upholding that.

2. Mega

Yes that’s right. We did it!
From the start there were no promises that this would happen and with no history of an event of this size ever being held in Melbourne before, it was unlikely that our first attempt would be anything but a normal event.
Fortunately for us we have a great network of fellow cachers and sponsors who believed in us. So we got there! Victoria and Melbourne’s first Mega event!!!! Roll on November!
Oh wait! It’s FREE too!! Free Mega!

3. Fern Coin

What’s that? TWO four letter words? Yeah buts it’s cool, not to mention stylish AND its collectable. You can pre-buy them over here.


Ok that’s not a word but an abbreviation. It stands for Geocaching International Film Festival. Remember that crazy German who did a two-day overnight hike in the High Country in a single day while you could track him via satellite? We finally got around to edit the film and  above you can see our entry for the GIFF 2015.

Cachers by Cachers – McAdies (Ballarat)

Ben and Karen McAdie are cachers based in Ballarat. They are often seen with their children Eddie and Maeve (who both have geocaching accounts). As I am relatively new to wider Victoria I had been trying to see as much of Victoria as possible and attending events was how I was trying to go about it. So I met them at an event in Ballarat in October 2014. We got to chatting over their then very new baby Maeve (very cute: see photo). I have caught up with them at several events since then and we are both members of the Ballarat Geocachers Facebook group.

I sent them a few questions and here is what they had to say.

How did you get into geocaching?
We saw an article in Australian Geographic about Geocaching in 2006. We happened to be living in Horsham at the time and when we looked at the website there were no geocaches anywhere close. Six months later we moved to Ballarat and found the magazine while unpacking. We checked the website again and there was about 50 in town. We marked a couple in the map book and found them using the hints. The next day we bought a GPSr and haven’t stopped since.

What do you enjoy most about geocaching? Do you have a “style” of hide?
 We like getting out and seeing places that we didn’t know existed. It is fun to know something about a place that other people don’t know all because someone placed a geocache to show us the spot.

Not sure if we have a style of hide, but we do enjoy placing EarthCaches. We don’t tend to make our hides hard to find either. We believe it’s more about the journey to the cache rather than the actual find.

I see from your profile you are quite fond of Earthcaches. Are they your favorite? and why?
Yes Earthcaches are our favorite cache type. There is just something about seeing the Earth up close, and thinking about what might have occurred to create it that is fascinating.

Just imagine what the area looked like when a volcano was erupting right where you are standing only a few thousand years before for example!

We have seen some amazing places from extinct volcanoes to petrified forests in Western Victoria and pancake rocks, lava pillows and glaciers in New Zealand to name just a few.

Can you tell me about a cache you enjoyed finding?
Very early on in our caching we went to Tasmania. On our trip around the island we found a cache called “Harridge Falls (GCPNY8)” where we had to park on a bend in a winding mountain road and walk through rainforest, following marker tape to a waterfall. It was amazing to think that this place existed just a few hundred meters from the road but was unmarked on tourist maps. It was a very cool and special find.

Where are you both from? How did you meet? How has having Eddie and Maeve made caching different for you?
Ben is originally from Ararat and Karen is from Yackandandah. We met in Albury while at University and have been married for 10 years. Caching certainly changed once Eddie was born. No more spontaneous caching trips, no more “big” days, park and grabs took a minimum of 20 minutes to get going again (if you are lucky). It was a big adjustment.

Now we seek out playgrounds and carry swaps to eke out the caching a bit more. Maeve is 6 months old now and we have done a lot more walking to find caches lately. She can get carried and Eddie runs off some energy. It is fun to see Eddies face when he finds the cache himself or sees a swap he wants to trade.

McAdie Boys
McAdie Boys
McAdie Girls
McAdie Girls