AX2017 FAQs

 Instead of spreading the answers to the most common questions all over the place, we tried to compile them in one neat document. If you’re missing something, just let us know either via email or as a comment below.

Will there be on-site accommodation?

Accommodation is now available, head to the shop. Click here to secure your booking.

Why are there three different logos?

Since there are so many different things to do in and around Alexandra, we couldn’t settle on just one. Climbing in the Cathedral Ranges, Hiking in the Rubicon Valley or a casual stroll around town and Offroading around Lake Eildon are all things you might like to do!

Is there a hashtag for the event?

Absolutely! It’s #ax2017

Is this a T5 event?

No. As every other Mega Event we have organised, this event is for all cachers.

Can I attend just one day or stop by for a short time?

You can stay as long or short as you like.

Will there be a GeoArt or a Power-trail published for the event?

Geoart will be published in October with lots of puzzles of varying difficulties. There is also a large powertrail of caches at Mount Disappointment about 20 minute drive from Alexandra if you want big numbers

Is this a free event?

Yes! Attending the event is FREE. You have to pay nothing, nada, nichts,  zéro, niente, 无 [無], nic, пустота

What are the travel times in the area?

Alexandra – Yarck: 15 min
Alexandra – Taggerty: 15 min
Alexandra – Yea: 20 min
Alexandra – Eildon: 20 min
Alexandra – Marysville: 30 min
Alexandra – Healesville: 1 h
Alexandra – Mansfield: 1 h
Alexandra – Mount Buller: 1 h 40 min
Alexandra – Jamieson: 1 h 40 min
Alexandra – Melbourne: 2 h
Alexandra – Albury: 2 h 30 min
Alexandra – Sydney: 8 h
Alexandra – Adelaide: 9 h
Alexandra – Brisbane: 17 h 30 min

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