Fern the Forest Fairy is a very generous creature. From time to time she will spread the love and give away awesome prizes for fun things which are all about geocaching in Victoria. Check out our current competitions and join in:

Current Competitions:

Who likes pathtags? Who out there has some artistic flare?

Well, it’s time to get some pathtags designed for the #AX2017 MEGA event in Alexandra this coming November. So Put your thinking caps on and come up with 5 designs and you could win some amazing prizes.

Along with a set of 2017 pathtags, you will win an #AX2017 Unobtanium geocoin as well as a 2017 rarer than rare Unobtanium Clever Monkey geocoin kindly donated by… You Guessed it Clever Monkey.

Please submit your designs to by midnight on April 30th 2017. Winners to be announced soon after.

Good luck to all entries.

Last years tags just to give you some inspiration, don’t forget, we are in the mountains this year, theme your tags accordingly. Lake, Mountains, Walking, Kayaking, 4WD.

Past Competitions:

  • SOUVENIR DESIGN COMPETITION: We are having a competition. We are after people with some ideas for the Surf Coast Event souvenir. Do you want to be the one that designed the logo that every cacher receives for logging the Surf Coast Event? Here is last years Souvenir:IMG_4265TME2015 SmallYou will need to come up with 2 logo’s. Bigger one is 480×320 and smaller one is 100×100. The Surf Coast Event committee will decide on the best logo which will be a surprise to everyone until they start logging the The Surf Coast Event. You can submit as many souvenirs as you like.What is the prize I hear you say? I am glad you asked. For the winner will be the honour of having your name to one of these rare souvenirs as well as a 2016 Surf Coast Unobtanium Geocoin. Email entries to secretary@geocaching.melbourneAll entries must be submitted by Midnight 31st August 2016
  • Cache Building Competition – September 2015
    You will find the list of the winners and a gallery of the entries over here.
  • Mascot Naming Competition – April 2015
    Our little Forest Fairy needed a name and it got one: Fern!

In general we have a jury who judges the entries. If the procedure to determine the winners is different from that, you will find that on the competition page.

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