The Melbourne Event 2015

The Melbourne Event 2015

Geocaching Melbourne has decided we Victorians should have a go at going MEGA. We ticked over to 500 will attend logs some time ago and you can still join the fun!

safe_image14th and 15th of November 2015
The Melbourne Event 2015 GC5GCJ8

The Melbourne Event 2015 is being run at Casey Fields, in Cranbourne. We got a fun-filled agenda of activities both on site and in the local area for you. However the most important things is

It’s FREE!

Yep. Thanks to our generous sponsors – check them out on the side-bar – there is no entry fee and you can attend almost all sessions* without paying a cent. Let’s get right into it – here are all the pages which might be of interest to you:

And finally if you have any questions contact us via email or social media. Thanks and see you in Melbourne soon.

This will be awesome 🙂
The Geocachers of Victoria

* Due to some legal stuff the T5 sessions are organised by Canoeing Victoria and the Victorian Climbing Club. However we made sure they are great value for money.

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GC5Q4GV = S38 10.446 E145 24.682

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