How to… Find people to go geocaching with

Geocaching doesn’t have to be a social game, but hunting for caches with a group can be fun. Some caches, like night caches, can be easier in a group, as my eyes make things easier to find. Whilst meeting another gecoacher ‘in the wild’ is often exciting, it doesn’t tend to happen all the time. If your friends or family aren’t particularly interested in geocaching (I know, they must be mad, but it does happen) you might need to meet up with some new people, who think the same way you do, and go geocaching with them.


Here are a couple of ideas how to get in touch with other cachers:

Geocaching Events
They are a great way to meet other geocachers.  Events are held all over the place and they are a fantastic way to meet like minded people to share stories, tips and a few laughs.  To find events in Victoria, just follow this link:  Finding this from the geocaching home page ( is a bit tricky since the search-page changed but here it is anyway:

  • select the tab “Play” and then select the option “Find a Geocache”
  • Click on “Take me to the old Search” on the right
  • On the left side, under the heading “Find a Geocache”, “By Country”, select the option “Australia”. Click Go
  • Now, under the heading “Search for” select All Event cache types and under “State/Province”, select Victoria.  
  • This will give you a list of current geocaches in Victoria.
  • The straight link is to the Victorian Events can also be found in the Links, Bookmark List item in the menu at the top of this page.

Browse through this list and find one near you, log a “Will Attend” log and turn up on the day! Once you’ve been to the event you even get to log an “Attended” log afterwards, which counts towards your finds tally.  How Cool!

Social Media
Another simple way to find other geocachers is using social web platforms like Facebook. Again in the Links menu above, we have a Social Media page that has many of the local Facebook groups on it. Simply join up to one of the groups, make a post about the time and place you feel like caching, usually you will get a taker or two. Also, keep an eye out for other people doing the same thing.
In the Geocaching Melbourne facebook group you can find an excel spreadsheet under documents which links the geocaching accounts to the real names. This should help you to put faces to the names.

Cache Pages
If you want to do a specific cache, write a note on the cache-page (Click on Log a visit and choose “Write note”) and put the cache on your watch-list. Put down the information about when you want to go and which is the best way to reach you. Bear in mind this is a public website so you might not want to leave your secret phone-number. This work better for remote caches, high terrain, nightcaches and similar hides,

Local and Private Groups
There are a lot of small and big groups all over Victoria. We hopefully linked all of the local groups on the social media site. Of course there are also the little crews like The Demolition Crew or the Bushrangers Women’s Walking Club who are like minded and go out together from time to time.