How to… Log your first find

So you have been out on your first geocaching adventure and found your first geocaches. Your back home (or maybe in the car or even still at the cache if you are really loaded with technology) and your wondering what to do next. After you have decided on the correct log type, you are ready to log the cache. Lets assume it will be a found it log, you have signed the physical log inside the cache and there were no issues with the container that you want to report to the owner.

Once you have found the listing of the geocache you visited, you are ready to log. Start off by selecting the green Log Your Visit button near top right hand corner. The screen will refresh and you are nearly ready to start typing. Select Found it from the first dropdown box. Confirm the date in the Date Logged box is correct. Despite the fact that a large portion of the world isn’t in the United States, GroundSpeak seem completely unable to make the changes required to their website to allow users to select their own time zone. Usually the date is a day behind. You can change this online, but on the geocaching app, there is no way to change this date, you have to edit it on the website when you get home.

There is only one box to go now and it’s the big one labeled Comments. This is where you have the opportunity to let everyone know about your experience finding this cache. You can report the condition of the cache as you found it, you might have had an adventure on the way to the cache or the way home. Maybe you saw something interesting when hunting or had to dodge muggles. The owner of the geocache is automatically notified of your log and is happy to read about your adventure, the condition of their cache, and any environmental factors. Uploading photos are also a great way to share your experience with other geocachers. Photos are added to a log after it has been submitted.

If you have any trackables in your inventory they will be listed on the bottom of page. Trackables can be dropped off in the cache when you submit your log, or they can be dipped or visited, this means you want the particular cache to be resisted on the trackables journey, but that you have kept it with you.

Lastly, you need to click the Submit Log Entry button and your log will wizz off into the internet and appear on the geocache page. Your find count will also go up by one. Congratulations you have found the cache online, as well as in the real world!