Here are some PDF’s of sheets to help you out there in the wide world of geocaching.  This list will grow over time and please feel free to contact us if there is a sheet that would help you out.

  • Muggle Cards – these are great to carry with you to help explain what you are up to on those occasions when you have been caught.  These are designed to be printed, but in to 5 stripes, each one folded in half, them laminated for durability.
  • Micro log sheets – coming soon
  • Small log sheets – coming soon
  • Stash notes – coming soon
  • Emergency Logbooks – Printed on A4, these neat little log books fold up to a small size, ready to be used in caches that need some emergency care.
  • First Find email – used to welcome new players to the game. If someone writes a log on your cache mentioning they are new, you can email this note.