What is Geocaching Buddy?

GCBuddy, or Geocaching Buddy, is an app for either Apple or Android phones and devices. It is used to help you complete multi (and some sort of puzzle) geocaches.

Why do I want to use it?

How many times have you been working on a Multi cache, been hunting and hunting at your calculated final co-ords and been about to record a DNF, only to discover that you added 3+5 to get 7 or some other silly adding mistake that you only made because you were hot and tired?  Personally, I have done it a heap of times.  The main advantage of this app is that it does the adding and number substitutions for you!

Do I really have to pay for it?

Yes, you do.  Here is a link to their website.

How do I get started?

After installing the app, you need to add your details and some geocaches.  Start of by clicking the + in the top right hand corner.  Setting up caches in the app is a bit of work, and is meant to be done at home before you head out.  Here are some features:
Clues: Keep track of every clue that you find. Additional calculators help you convert text or roman numbers. Formulas: Enter waypoint formulas, and the location is automatically resolved from the entered clues. Navigation: Navigate to a waypoint from within the app, or alternatively open an external navigation app. Discover: Using Geocaching Live, search for geocaches in the neighbourhood, search by city or gc-code. Opencaching Support: Download caches from opencaching.de, opencaching.pl, and many more. Edit on PC: Edit your caches using your computer, so you can easily copy/paste and type using your PC keyboard.

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