How to… Jazz-up logs

Recently changed the way logs need to be entered to allow for extra jazzy bits.  This is a bit sad, but here is a quick lesson on the new reduced feature set.

The text/markdown used in this post can be viewed on this log:


## THis is a heading with two hashes. this is heading 2 even though its bigger##
#test bold with one hash, apparently this is heading 1#
###this is heading 3 with three hashes, it’s in all caps###
some plain words.


* test bullet points
* test bullet points (these seem to require a blank row above and below)
* test bullet points
* test bullet points

some more plain words

+ another way to do dot points is with the plus symbol
+ then there doesn’t seem to be the issue with the blank rows mentioned above


Three dashes in a row make the line above


*here is italic inside two stars*
**here is bold inside two stars, make sure you don’t finish with a space before the stars**

[A Hyperlink: word in square brakets with a url in round brackes following it](