Satellite Trackers

There are a couple of Melbournian cachers out there who use satellite communication systems. Since the market is constantly evolving we’re not giving you a recommendation – except don’t buy a SPOT messenger. Bogong Equipment stopped stocking them due to bad customer feedback and one of us had a rather nasty emergency experience with an equipment malfunction in a remote Indian valley.

On the other hand PLBs are a low-cost and very reliable alternative. If you are going for the remote, off the grid caches, some sort of emergency beacon has to be part of your equipment.

inReach SE

If you are thinking about buying one, feel free to contact any of the guys and ask them about their experience.

Satellite Trackers:

PLB owners:

  • Mark – Team Oaky (in various spellings) – used it in an emergency situation

If you want to add your tracker to this list send us a mail 🙂

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