#AX2017 Shop – camping, coins & pathtags

It's been a chilly weekend – hope you have managed to keep warm and find some caches for your Mary Hyde team, despite the rain and bitter cold! It may be miserable weather for caching out there at the moment, but Spring is sneaking up, and that means the #AX2017 MEGA is too … and if I have done my maths right, it's only 17 weeks away people 😮 It'll be upon us in no time at all! Yay!!

Speaking of time slipping away, there are still some powered sites available for the MEGA weekend, but as places are limited, it would possibly be a wise idea to book soon, or now even, to avoid disappointment. If you want to extend your stay and explore more of this awesome part of the state, no problems, we can arrange that too 😊 Just let us know when booking. And, if you want to 'rough it' you can also book unpowered sites.

Now for the shiny stuff. I like shiny stuff 😊 We have pathtags on pre-sale in the #AX2017 shop. Order them now and you can pick them up onsite at the MEGA. Or, alternatively, if you can't make it to the MEGA, you can opt to have them shipped wherever you want. And, because you pay for them now, it'll be like an extra cool surprise present in November 😃Well, okay, I concede it won't be a surprise, but it will still be cool.You can order a trading set, in which case you will receive a set of pathtags of a single design, ready for swapping with other cachers at the Event. But if swapping isn't your style, don't dismay, for a little bit extra cash you can order a full set. No swapping required. Happy days 😊

And continuing this theme of shiny stuff, we also have geocoins available for pre-sale. Same deal as the pathtags. Order now and pick up later. Too easy. As in years gone by, there are two options for geocoins, the regular version and the special limited edition version, which, as its name implies, will be special and limited. This year, if you spend your hard-earned on both coins, you will go into the draw to win 1 of 5 unobtainium geocoins.

Now where is this #AX2017 shop, you ask? Easy, everything you need is located at the other end of this link: https://www.freewebstore.org/geocaching-melbourne/

End of June Alexandra Announcement

As mentioned earlier this month, the #AX2017 shop is now open for business, so if you are planning on booking powered accommodation onsite at the event in November, then you may want to act sooner rather than later as spots are filling fast. There are only 15 powered sites left people! Head to the Store to secure your spot. If you do miss out on a powered site, or if you want to ‘rough it’, we also have unpowered sites available for you to utilise. There are plenty of things to do around Alexandra and Eildon, and many quality caches to be found, so if you would like to extend your stay and experience more of what this fantastic part of the state has to offer, may we suggest making the event site your GZ and book a couple of extra nights before or after the event. Just let us know when booking 😊

But of course that is not all, the #AX2017 shop is also the place to go to pre-order your very own set of event pathtags. You can nab yourself a trading set, where you receive five pathtags of the same design, ready for swapping at the event or, if swapping isn’t your style, you can always fork out a little more of your hard-earned and order a complete set from the get-go.

Do you have some wares to sell at the event? A product that you feel will interest fellow geocachers? We can accommodate that too 😊 Shoot us an email at info@geocaching.melbourne for more info regarding becoming an event stall holder.

Still not sure what to wear on the big day? Don’t forget you can to head to the Spreadshirt shop and put your own spin on some #AX2017 merchandise. Profits from the sale of this merchandise go back into making this year’s MEGA in Alexandra the best yet, so not only will you end up with some awesome clothes, but you are also helping make a difference for all who attend the event, including yourself. Win-win 😊

Now, it’s quite easy to get caught up in all the excitement of the MEGA and forget to log your ‘Will Attend’, so just pause for a second and ask yourself, have I logged my ‘Will Attend’ yet? If the answer is hmm, maybe not, then now may be a good idea to head to the event page at on Geocaching.com to log a ‘Will Attend’ right now, while you are thinking of it 😊

Once you have got all the pre-event nitty gritty stuff sorted, join our Journey to #AX2017 Chatterbox Facebook group. We have specifically launched this group to provide you with updates and info – all things related to the lead-up to #AX2017.

The results are in…..

Geocaching Melbourne Inc would like to welcome the two newest members into the Geocaching Melbourne Committee. Karen Ashford (carkisser) and Bert Mosterd (Pinkpiggy7) have been voted in and join the rest of the committee in their endeavours to help promote geocaching throughout Victoria.  We would sincerely like to thank the other candidates, Elizabeth Shaw (surefoot24) and Peter Taurins (caughtatwork) for their nominations and hope we can work with both of them in some capacity in the near future.  The Geocaching Melbourne Inc committee now looks like this…

Day Gowland (day1976) – President

Louise Sullivan (LouiseAnn) – Vice President

Adriaan Homburg (ahomburg) – Secretary

Bernie Hollaway (BernieH) – Treasurer

Sarah Cameron (sharkiefan) – Committee Member

Karen Ashford (carkisser) – Committee Member

Bert Mosterd (Pinkpiggy7) – Committee Member

The turnout for people voting was quite amazing and we would like to thank everyone for their interest.

We want you to have your say!

Voting has now opened for the two vacant positions on the Geocaching Melbourne Inc committee. There have been four individuals nominated and you can follow this link to the voting form…

There is a little blurb about each person who has nominated in case you aren’t sure who they are. You are required to enter your geocaching handle and to be eligible to vote you must have found at least one cache in Victoria.  You also must have found at least one cache in the last 6 months and have an active account on the Geocaching Website for at least 3 months.

Once you have entered your geocaching handle simply place the numbers 1 to 4 against the candidates, ranging from number 1 for your first selection through to number 4 for your last selection. Voting will be open until 8pm on Sunday the 18th of June.  You must submit only one vote per profile and we would encourage people who do run sock-puppet accounts to not use them to vote with.



The #AX2017 shop is open for business!

Good news everybody!! We know that quite a few of you have been wanting to book on-site accommodation for the MEGA, and we are happy to announce that The Alexandra Event 2017 shop is now up and running for booking on-site camping accommodation and pre-ordering pathtags 😊

You can choose from powered and unpowered sites at the Alexandra Showgrounds for the weekend of the event, and if you wish to arrive early, or extend your stay to explore the surrounding area, you can do this too. Note that there are limited powered sites available, so if you want power, then it is best to book in early. Once you have secured your accommodation, if you haven’t done so already,  you can head over to The Alexandra Event 2017 cache page to log your Will Attend 😊

We have two options for purchasing your pathtags – you can buy a set of five pathtags for trading, which means you will receive five pathtags of the same design ready to swap with other cachers, or if you wish, you can do away with the swapping and just buy a full set outright. All proceeds from the sale of these pathtags goes towards making this year’s event the best yet!

Head to the The Alexandra Event 2017 shop for more information.

Free shipping and other stuff

❄️ Brrrr, it’s getting chilly out there, and with winter officially starting this week, it’s time to dust off the winter woollens when you head out caching. But your current winter wardrobe is so last year, right? Well, Spreadshirt hears you, and wants you to have the latest in #AX2017 fashion with FREE SHIPPING for all orders from the 2–4 June, just by using coupon code ‘FS617’*. And who doesn’t love free shipping? Afterall, shipping is such a downer in this online world we live in. I mean, who wants to design the most awesome #AX2017 merchandise and then have to pay shipping? So, if you are in need of some new clothes while you are out hunting those elusive caches this winter, then now is the time to act!  Head to Spreadshirt and, you never know, your new attire may just become your new lucky charm**.

Now, if you have already put your own spin on some funky #AX2017 attire, why not head to our next lead-up event, 5 Months to the Event in Alexandra – Werribee (GC6X194) this weekend and show it off? Alternatively, if you are struggling for ideas, why not head to Werribee on the pretence of enjoying some free bushman’s snags, sneakily check out what others have designed, then head home and place your own order? The event is on Saturday and the free shipping offer is valid until Sunday night – perfect timing 😊 And, for all you city-folk, this lead-up event is the closest to the city, so no excuses! Let us know you are coming by logging your ‘Will Attend’ now.

We are also putting the call out for anyone who is interested in volunteering their time at Alexandra in November. Just an hour or so over the weekend would be of great assistance! At this stage we are only seeking an expression of interest, nothing concrete. Head to our volunteer post for more details.

* Note quotation marks are not part of the code. Cannot be combined with other discounts or coupon codes. Free shipping promotion valid for standard shipping option only.
** Lucky charm status not guaranteed. But it may help you stay toasty and warm.

Volunteers wanted for The Alexandra Event

Over previous years, a dedicated and generous group of minions, henchmen and henchwomen have volunteered at The Melbourne Event and The Surf Coast Event. These marvelous people are vital to ensure the smooth running of events of this size.

Its 2017 and it’s now The Alexandra Event’s turn to ask for those who are willing to donate some of their valuable time to help during the event.

We understand that people like to make plans and we do too.

At this stage we are asking for expressions of interest.

Please fill in the form below by clicking on the link, or cutting and pasting it into your browser.


Closing date for form submission is Friday 20th of October.

Thank you for your interest


Alexandra Event Update – 21st May 2017

Hi all, some more news from The Alexandra Event 2017 team. We are excited to announce our pathtag design competition went very well and the committee have decided on the winner. A massive congratulations go to the designer “OzGlory” on 5 very well themed Pathtags. These will go on sale shortly, but we were so excited we could not resist giving you all a sneak peak. So, here they are:

Some news for those in states other than Victoria, we have created some lead-up events interstate again this year with one in South Australia, New South Wales, ACT, and shortly, one also in Queensland. Many thanks go to our interstate volunteers for hosting these events on our behalf.

Again, it is great seeing your “Will Attends” come in, we even have some interest from overseas. If you haven’t already, and would like to experience all the fun first-hand:

Click Here to log your ‘Will Attend’


See you all in November, if not before at one of our lead-up events:

  • June – 3rd – Werribee
  • July – 15th – Canberra
  • August – 6th – Echuca
  • September – 23rd – Bairnsdale
  • October – 15th – Wangaratta

We want you…

Geocaching Melbourne doesn’t just run itself, in the background are a dedicated bunch of monkeys passionate geocachers just like you working away to make geocaching better for everyone in Victoria.

Do you feel you have something to offer? We’d love to hear from you. We have two positions vacant on our committee and want to fill them with people as passionate and driven as us.
This position is for the Geocaching Melbourne Committee, not the Alexandra Event, so rest assured that event is well in hand. If you would like to join us in helping further the cause of Geocaching in Melbourne and Victoria (if not the world!) then feel free to nominate yourself or someone else (with their permission) by sending us an email.

Please note though that whilst we would love to encourage people from country Victoria, it should be understood that taking on the role as a committee member means attending regular meetings in Melbourne roughly every two to three months.  All nominations will be put towards a community voting process in the next few weeks.

20% off your #AX2017 Shirts?

We love seeing the creative ideas people have come up with when ordering their #AX2017 t-shirts, and just between you and me, a little birdy* has suggested getting your hands on some #AX2017 merchandise is a good idea, and, as if by magic, Spreadshirt has a special offer this coming week, 15–21 May:

20% off any order of two items or more when you use coupon code 20P517**.

Head to gcmelb.spreadshirt.com.au and put your own spin on an #AX2017 t-shirt or two, grab a toasty-warm #AX2017 hoodie and beanie for those chilly winter months ahead, or perhaps a g-string thong is more your style? Or – here’s a thought – you can partner up with a geo-friend, save 20% and go halvies on the postage. Make your stuff your own and add your cacher username and personal trackable code to your merchandise – just don’t expect many people to ‘discover’ your g-string, lol!

The fine print:
*Watch this space for more info from the little birdy.
**This offer cannot be combined with other discounts or coupon codes, and is valid for a purchase of two or more items in one transaction.

Oh, and if you are planning on displaying your wares at GC6GFDX – The Alexandra Event in November and haven’t done so already, log your ‘Will Attend’ now! Go on, do it now while it’s on your mind 😊