A NEW name, a NEW website and a NEW MEGA!

So the Alexandra MEGA is over and what a fantastic time we have all had.  That now completes the third successful MEGA event held by Geocaching Melbourne in as many years.  So what to do next?  That’s right, let’s jump back in a do it all over again!  But this time, we’re taking the road-show to the city!

First thing’s first though.

We felt it was about time for a change of name as we have kind of outgrown the term “Geocaching Melbourne”, so we asked the community for their input and after a reasonably lengthy discussion and survey polling the people who geocache in Victoria, we have arrived at our new name and that will be “Geocaching Victoria”.

So what does that mean?  Well it means a brand new and completely redesigned website which has just been launched.  You can find that at this address → http://geocachingvictoria.com.au.  This will be the last blog post to come from this website, so if you haven’t done so already then make sure you subscribe to our new blog post on our new website.

It also means a name change for our Facebook group and our GC account, but don’t worry, it still the same team behind the scenes working tirelessly to enhance the geocaching experience of people in Victoria and those visiting Victoria.  The committee behind the new Geocaching Victoria Inc is…

  • Day Gowland (day1976) – President
  • Louise Sullivan (LouiseAnn) – Vice President
  • Bernie Hollaway (BernieH) – Treasurer
  • Adriaan Homburg (ahomburg) – Secretary
  • Karen Ashford (carkisser) – Committee Member
  • Lorraine Sleep-Ogilvie (The Tritonz) – Committee Member
  • Peter Taurins (caught at work) – Committee Member

The committee looks forward to working on many different geocaching projects over the next year and in the years to come.

But wait, did I mention before something about the next MEGA moving to the city?

That’s right!  We would like to introduce you to the next MEGA event in the state of Victoria, The Parkville Event 2018.  You can follow this link and log your Will Attend now → https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC75D90

Located smack bang in the middle of the city of Melbourne, the Parkville event will be a two day event held over the weekend of the 17th and 18th of November 2018.  There is limited accommodation available which you can purchase right now.  The event t-shirts are being done through geostuff again and should be available for pre-purchase very soon.  The geocoins and pathtags are designed and are also available for pre purchase now.  There is even a rough event schedule and site map and a FAQ section completed on our brand new website.  There are plenty of exciting things planned for this event so to keep on top of it all, you need to stay tuned.  All further notifications regarding The Parkville Event, 2018 will be made through our new website, so make sure you subscribe to our blog and everything else at the new website → http://geocachingvictoria.com.au

Like all our events, The Parkville Event will be absolutely FREE to attend.  No registration fees

The Parkville Event committee consists of the following individuals who will be responsible for overseeing this MEGA event…

  • Louise Sullivan (LouiseAnn)
  • Karen Ashford (carkisser)
  • Day Gowland (day 1976)
  • David Fowler (Earthbound Chief)
  • Adriaan Homburg (ahomburg)

The Parkville Committee look forward to working on this exciting new project and delivering a MEGA that will take the next step in BIG geocaching events in Australia.

Its time for a name change, have your say.

Hi folks,

So a few weeks ago we notified everyone that a name change was imminent and that, going forward, we were looking for a name that better reflected what we do in the geocaching community. We took a poll and were given some suggestions on different names that we could consider. The current committee went through all the names and came up with a short list of 5 names that we would like to get your opinion on.

So we are having a survey!

It’s a pretty simple survey. We have a list of 5 possible names that we could change to. Enter the numbers 1-5 in order of your preference for the name. As in number 1 is your most preferred, number 5 is your least preferred. You do not need to number all the boxes, just the ones you prefer in order of your preference.

To be eligible to vote you must have found at least one cache in the state of Victoria, have had a profile on geocaching.com for at least 3 months and have found a cache in the last 6 months. You can only submit one vote per profile and we encourage people who do have sock puppet not to use them to vote multiple times.

Voting will remain open from now until 8pm on Sunday the 5th of November. The announcement of the new name will happen sometime after that. You can follow this link to the survey.

Exciting times ahead folks!

The Last of the 2017 Lead Up Events is complete!

The last of the x month to MEGA lead up events for this year was held at Wangaratta on the weekend.  That concludes the lead up events for this year and so with just on a month to go until the MEGA, we would like to look back at what was an incredible year of lead up events.

From the heat that was Wedderburn in February, through to negative temperatures at Canberra in July.  Sunshine in Swan Hill, rain in Echuca, we braved all sorts of weather to bring you some pretty special events.  And the results from all those attended logs are in!

There were 8 teams who actually made it to all 10 events.  That is an amazing achievement! A Massive Thank You must also go the the 3 hosts of the extra special Interstate lead up events. So Thanks must go to hevwalker, OzGlory and GhostGums who all did an awesome job helping to promote our event.

All up there were 211 teams that attended at least 1 of the events, with a total of 438 attended logs across all 10 official events.  That’s a pretty serious turn out.

A estimated 1000 sausages were provided, cooked and consumed, not to mention all the bread, onions and sauce.  Running these events is not easy and can sometimes provide a logistical nightmare, but when you see the pictures of everyone thoroughly enjoying themselves, it makes it so worthwhile.

Thanks for all the fun memories and we look forward to catching up with you all in Alexandra next month!

Geocaching Melbourne Inc is changing its name.

That’s right, Geocaching Melbourne is changing its name.  It has long been thought that the Geocaching Melbourne Incorporation has outgrown its name and that we need a better one that more closely aligns us with what we do in the community of not just Melbourne, but also all of Victoria and further afield.  So we need your suggestions!

Along with this, we have created a new Facebook group.  Now we can already hear a collective sigh because the Geocaching Community of Victoria obviously needs a new Geocaching Facebook Group like a hole in the head, but the committee that is currently called Geocaching Melbourne Inc (the one that is changing its name), felt that we needed a Facebook group that the actual committee was in control of, rather than the current one that we have no control over.

So the new group, which is administered by the committee, has been set up and a set of guidelines is being produced.  This new Facebook group will be the centre for discussion for all things relating to geocaching in the state of Victoria, including obviously the annual MEGA event.  It will be administered by the committee members who are real people and whose names you can see.

Come over to the new Facebook group and be part of the discussion and have your input into what you think Geocaching Melbourne should change its name to.  Follow this link to the new group….   https://www.facebook.com/groups/1968265890117240/

A new GMI committee member…

Geocaching Melbourne Inc would like to announce that the new member of the Geocaching Melbourne committee is Lorraine Sleep Oglivie. Lorraine has been geocaching since 2013 and has cached over most of Australia. Lorraine has a strong connection to both the Geelong and Ballarat geocaching communities and together with her partner Chris form the formidable geocaching team, The Tritonz who were the top finders of Victorian caches in both 2015 and 2016.

Lorraine was an integral part of the organizing committee set up by GMI for the Surf Coast Event MEGA in 2016 where she helped tirelessly in the background, not just during the MEGA, but in the whole year leading up to the MEGA. GMI welcomes Lorraine into the committee and we all look forward to working with her.

We would also like to thank Jane Searle (Benjay21) and Peter Taurins (caughtatwork) for their nominations. We had 92 votes come in from around Victoria which were all individually checked and passed for their eligibility, so the interest in GMI continues to grow and we hope that we can work with these two individuals in some capacity in the future

The Geocaching Melbourne Inc committee now looks like this….

Day Gowland (day1976) – President

Louise Sullivan (LouiseAnn) – Vice President

Adriaan Homburg (ahomburg) – Secretary

Bernie Hollaway (BernieH) – Treasurer

Karen Ashford (carkisser) – Committee Member

Bert Mosterd (Pinkpiggy7) – Committee Member

Lorraine Sleep-Oglivie(The Tritonz) – Committee Member

Voting has Opened!

Voting has opened for the vacant position on the Geocaching Melbourne Inc committee. We have three wonderful candidates who have nominated for the position and you can follow this link to the voting form.

This position is for the GMI committee, not the Alexandra MEGA Organizing committee. The GMI committee not only oversees the MEGAs, but also gets involved in many other facets of geocaching throughout the state of Victoria.

There is a little blurb about each individual on the voting form, in case you aren’t sure who they are. You are required to enter your geocaching handle on the voting form and to be eligible to vote you must have at least found a geocache in the state of Victoria, have had a geocaching.com profile that is at least 3 months old and have found at least one geocache in the last 6 months.  You can submit one vote per profile

Once you have entered your geocaching handle simply place the numbers 1 to 3 against the candidates, ranging from number 1 for your first selection through to number 3 for your last selection. Voting will be open until 8pm on Sunday the 8th of October.  You must submit only one vote per profile and to keep it fair, we would encourage people who do run sock-puppet accounts to not use them to vote with.

Nominations for GMI Committee position are open!

Geocaching Melbourne Inc is a registered, not-for-profit incorporation that is run by a dedicated core committee of volunteers that not only oversee the running of the annual MEGA, but also try and develop varied and different ways to help the geocaching community of Victoria. Recently, one of our committee, Sarah Cameron resigned from this committee.

Firstly we would like to thank Sarah for all the hard work that she has put in over many years. Sarah is an original member of the GMI committee, having been there from its creation back in 2014. She has worked hard in the background to help with all the areas that Geocaching Melbourne has been involved with and has provided some strong ties between Geocaching Melbourne and the various other geocaching communities around the country.

This obviously leaves another vacant position on the GMI committee and so we are once again calling for nominations for people who feel like they can help GMI to make a difference in the geocaching community of Victoria. It must be noted here, that this position is NOT for the organizing committee of the Alexandra MEGA, that event is already well catered for. If you would like to join us in helping further the cause of Geocaching in Melbourne and Victoria (if not the world!) then feel free to nominate yourself or someone else (with their permission) by sending us an email.

Please note though that whilst we would love to encourage people from country Victoria, it should be understood that taking on the role as a committee member means attending regular meetings in Melbourne roughly every two to three months. Nominations will remain open from now until midnight on Friday the 29th of September. Voting will then begin on Monday the 2nd of October for all of those who have been nominated. Voting will close at midnight on Sunday the 8th of October and the results will be announced shortly afterwards.

Winter is dead; long live the Spring!

What better way to say goodbye to Winter than with an event? On the 23rd of this fine month the MEGA train is heading way out east to Bairnsdale to celebrate 2 Months to the Event in Alexandra. Come join us as we throw some bushman’s snags on the barbie. Log your ‘Will Attend’ on the Event page now 😊

As we steam ahead to the main event, your organising committee has been busy making preparations to ensure this year’s MEGA is the best yet. It’s going to be a busy weekend and we can do with a helping hand to ensure everything runs smoothly. As in previous years, we are calling for volunteers, so if you would like to donate an hour or two of your time over the MEGA weekend please let us know by registering your interest here. We don’t expect you to lock in any specific times at this stage, just register your interest in being a part of it all.

Riding on the success of last year’s Tournament, we decided to mix it up a bit this year. We know you are all proud of your geovehicles, so the annual Show and Shine Event has moved from its usual Winter timeslot to the Sunday of the MEGA. Most excellent news! Starting at the Showgrounds, teams will travel around the surrounding area in an effort to collect the most points and thereby prove their vehicle is the best. What a great way to see the Alexandra countryside! Spots are limited, so head to Show and Shine Event page for more info and to secure a starting position for your geovehicle.

One final note before signing off, this one is just a reminder that there are still onsite camping options available for those of you who want to stay and enjoy the whole weekend of festivities, or indeed, extend your stay further. Powered and unpowered sites can be booked at our #AX2017 Shop. You can also purchase pathtags and geocoins here too 😊. And, if you part with your hard-earned and order both the standard coin as well as the limited edition coin, you automatically go into the draw to win 1 of 5 unobtanium geocoins. Super!

#AX2017 Shop – camping, coins & pathtags

It's been a chilly weekend – hope you have managed to keep warm and find some caches for your Mary Hyde team, despite the rain and bitter cold! It may be miserable weather for caching out there at the moment, but Spring is sneaking up, and that means the #AX2017 MEGA is too … and if I have done my maths right, it's only 17 weeks away people 😮 It'll be upon us in no time at all! Yay!!

Speaking of time slipping away, there are still some powered sites available for the MEGA weekend, but as places are limited, it would possibly be a wise idea to book soon, or now even, to avoid disappointment. If you want to extend your stay and explore more of this awesome part of the state, no problems, we can arrange that too 😊 Just let us know when booking. And, if you want to 'rough it' you can also book unpowered sites.

Now for the shiny stuff. I like shiny stuff 😊 We have pathtags on pre-sale in the #AX2017 shop. Order them now and you can pick them up onsite at the MEGA. Or, alternatively, if you can't make it to the MEGA, you can opt to have them shipped wherever you want. And, because you pay for them now, it'll be like an extra cool surprise present in November 😃Well, okay, I concede it won't be a surprise, but it will still be cool.You can order a trading set, in which case you will receive a set of pathtags of a single design, ready for swapping with other cachers at the Event. But if swapping isn't your style, don't dismay, for a little bit extra cash you can order a full set. No swapping required. Happy days 😊

And continuing this theme of shiny stuff, we also have geocoins available for pre-sale. Same deal as the pathtags. Order now and pick up later. Too easy. As in years gone by, there are two options for geocoins, the regular version and the special limited edition version, which, as its name implies, will be special and limited. This year, if you spend your hard-earned on both coins, you will go into the draw to win 1 of 5 unobtainium geocoins.

Now where is this #AX2017 shop, you ask? Easy, everything you need is located at the other end of this link: https://www.freewebstore.org/geocaching-melbourne/

End of June Alexandra Announcement

As mentioned earlier this month, the #AX2017 shop is now open for business, so if you are planning on booking powered accommodation onsite at the event in November, then you may want to act sooner rather than later as spots are filling fast. There are only 15 powered sites left people! Head to the Store to secure your spot. If you do miss out on a powered site, or if you want to ‘rough it’, we also have unpowered sites available for you to utilise. There are plenty of things to do around Alexandra and Eildon, and many quality caches to be found, so if you would like to extend your stay and experience more of what this fantastic part of the state has to offer, may we suggest making the event site your GZ and book a couple of extra nights before or after the event. Just let us know when booking 😊

But of course that is not all, the #AX2017 shop is also the place to go to pre-order your very own set of event pathtags. You can nab yourself a trading set, where you receive five pathtags of the same design, ready for swapping at the event or, if swapping isn’t your style, you can always fork out a little more of your hard-earned and order a complete set from the get-go.

Do you have some wares to sell at the event? A product that you feel will interest fellow geocachers? We can accommodate that too 😊 Shoot us an email at info@geocaching.melbourne for more info regarding becoming an event stall holder.

Still not sure what to wear on the big day? Don’t forget you can to head to the Spreadshirt shop and put your own spin on some #AX2017 merchandise. Profits from the sale of this merchandise go back into making this year’s MEGA in Alexandra the best yet, so not only will you end up with some awesome clothes, but you are also helping make a difference for all who attend the event, including yourself. Win-win 😊

Now, it’s quite easy to get caught up in all the excitement of the MEGA and forget to log your ‘Will Attend’, so just pause for a second and ask yourself, have I logged my ‘Will Attend’ yet? If the answer is hmm, maybe not, then now may be a good idea to head to the event page at on Geocaching.com to log a ‘Will Attend’ right now, while you are thinking of it 😊

Once you have got all the pre-event nitty gritty stuff sorted, join our Journey to #AX2017 Chatterbox Facebook group. We have specifically launched this group to provide you with updates and info – all things related to the lead-up to #AX2017.