Victorian Geocaching Tournament – Standings

Team Squad Course Score
NicNax Multi Masters General 51
Pinkpiggy7 Letterbox Posters General 178
Team Maet Traditionalist General 116
Team New Zealand Multi Masters General 183
WangFriends Puzzlers General 134
Four-thorn Letterbox Posters General 167
Bulletproof4 Multi Masters General 84
penguin POWER! Puzzlers General 222
Capital Crunchers Letterbox Posters General 108
The MisAdventurers Traditionalist General 79
38th Parallel Multi Masters General 161
The WA Quokka’s Puzzlers General 158
The Seekers Letterbox Posters General 158
Victims of BFE Multi Masters General 364
TeamT5 Puzzlers General 259
SA complex sized punk goat winery door hole Letterbox Posters General 151
The A Team Traditionalist General 0
F Troop Multi Masters General 0
Bass Coasters Puzzlers General 133
Cachebusters Letterbox Posters General 182
GOTHS + 1 Traditionalist General 177
Paper Cachers Letterbox Posters General 108
Jaktembo Letterbox Posters General 144
TieLoClare Traditionalist General 205
8x’s Multi Masters General 165
Kangamasters Puzzlers General 289
Disco5 Letterbox Posters General 160
Team RuDS Traditionalist General 170
Suscoe & Phetlern Multi Masters General 159
Geo Sharks Puzzlers General 130
Wonderdrug Traditionalist Family 350
Team McGuffin Multi Masters Family 350
Rusty Day Traditionalist Family 350
Jandaw Multi Masters Family 350
Emerald Eagles Puzzlers Family 350
Gummy Sliders Letterbox Posters Family 330
Fergzter Traditionalist Family 350
Edwards family Multi Masters Family 350
2MumsAndAGrandma Puzzlers Family 350
McAdies Letterbox Posters Family 350
DreamyLara Traditionalist Family 275
Zeus, Hera & kids Multi Masters Family 350
The Adventure-Nauts Puzzlers Family 350
gooseandegg Traditionalist Family 350
fam_o_five Multi Masters Family 350
Prusty Bunch Puzzlers Family 350
Geosaurus Letterbox Posters Family 350